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  • RAM Global Marketing

RAM Introduction

  • RAM Deals in 3 Projects

Network marketing, Entrepreneur ship Training and Real Estate.
Ram Tower complete our projects in 2023 in Gawadar Pakistan and Dubai.and much more projects in pipeline.

A marketing plan is used to calculate and distribute income to its Members based upon the product sales generated by Members and their downline sales organisations. RAM (Revolutionary Alliance Marketing) has created a unique and revolutionary marketing plan that is breaking new ground in the Direct Selling industry. RAM pays out 65% of all commissionable sales.

RAM marketing plan has been carefully designed to engage a wider audience and is equally distributed to look after three key groups.

  • 1: Part time new entrants
  • 2: Serious Part time builders
  • 3: Full time Leaders

We compensate our Members in ways never before done in this industry. One of the most powerful statements we have is that “You can, not only earn by building your own downline, but you also take part in the success of your sidelines through our state of the art marketing plan”

The purpose of this document is to define and explain the details of RAM marketing plan. Use this as a reference document as you learn your new RAM business and as you grow your business with us.

Marketing Plan Concept

Our RAM marketing plan’s main objective is to incentivize our Members to sell and promote RAM products. There are a number of Bonuses and Awards to motivate RAM Members and provide them with incentives to actively promote RAM products.